High Ammonia Latex Concentrate (HA Latex)


HA Latex Concentrate is obtained by centrifugation and preserved with a high amount of ammonia. It contains 60% Dry Rubber Content (DRC). It is the most common grade of latex used worldwide. It gives excellent films of high clarity and has good adhesion characteristics as a binding agent when suitably compounded. After compounding, it has a wide application especially in dipped products, such as medical and industrial gloves, rubber threads, balloons, prophylactics (condoms), tubing, finger cots, etc. It is also used as an adhesive for casting onto a backing substrate, such as for wood laminate and carpet, and for binding different types of materials.

1 Metal Drum (non-returnable; internal-lined) = 205 kg
1 Container, 20-ft FCL (80 Metal Drums) = 16.4 MT
1 Flexi Bag per container, 20-ft FCL = 20 MT
1 ISO tank (returnable) per container, 20-ft FCL = 20 MT


 HA Latex
Total Solids Content, % Min
Min 61.5
Dry Rubber Content, % Min
Min 60.0
Non-rubber Solids, % Max
Max 2
Ammonia, % on Latex
Min 0.6
Mechanical Stability, s, Min
Coagulum Content, % Max
Copper, ppm, Max
Manganese, ppm, Max
Sludge Content, % Max